TrHz-22 Transmission HAZE Meter

World's Newest Best Value Transmission HAZE Meter TrHz-22 with Sales and Service here in America. An entry level lower cost instrument to measure wide angle light scattering of translucent transparent materials for HAZE and Transmittance. Certified to ASTM D1003, ASTM D1044, ISO 13468, ISO 14782
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Manufacturer: MIZA

Transmission HAZE Meter

The MIZA TrHz-22 Transmission HAZE Meter is our New Improved Version designed with simplicity in mind. This instrument was meant for a larger audience who require an entry-level value priced instrument that rivals and exceeds the performance of older traditional instruments costing three times as much. Yet the accuracy and repeatability specifications exceed the more expensive designs. This slim instrument was designed in the vertical position requiring much less tabletop real estate than older style units. The 2018 design is sleek and has the latest advancements in optics. Thus, the MIZA Transmission HAZE meter TrHz-22 model was born with a modern compact design.

“Transparency” is a vague description of the material characteristic. Products require different solutions. Packaging for a meat product in a grocery store should be extra clear or transparent, while plastic bags are semi-opaque to keep its contents private. Transparency involves the combination of reflection, transmission, and absorption of the translucent material. Another characteristic also visible to the human eye is the haziness or cloudiness of a material. Haziness or HAZE can be characterized by the scattering of light. Scattering is also divided into Narrow and wide-angle scattering. Our instrument measures the latter or wide angle scattering. Wide-angle scattering occurs at >2.5° from the perpendicular to the material. ASTM D 1003 and ISO 13468 measurement methods present different measurements. 

ASTM D 1003 uses illuminants A and C while ISO 13468 uses Illuminant D65.

Our Imbotec MIZA Transmission HAZE Meter easily measures all translucent materials. These include plastic packaging film, clear PVC, LCD panels, glass and more.

If needed, we also have a more expensive model designed for small area / small spot / and curved samples.

 Features and Advantages with the MIZA TrHz-22

  1. Conforms to international standards ASTM D 1003,  ISO 13468,  ISO 14782, JIS K 7361 and JIS K 7136.
  2. Uses all three standard illuminants: A,  C, and D65 for HAZE and total transmittance measurement.
  3. Our Transmission HAZE Instrument also measures using the transmittance compensation measurement method offering a higher accuracy result.
  4. Ambient light has no effect on the measurement.
  5. The open measurement area offers no limitations on sample thickness size.
  6. Easy and quick positioning of samples.
  7. The TrHz-22 utilizes a large 5” display for an easy to read interface.
  8. The Haze instrument can be used in either horizontal or vertical mode to take measurements.
  9. Improved reliability with a stable high quality LED light source that comes with a ten (10) year warranty.
  10. Measurements are performed in three seconds.
  11. Sales & Service & Warranty & Repsir all done here in America
  12. Slim Efficient Design
  13. More accurate than older instruments
  14. Best Value on the market
  15. No Brainer Decision

 Comes Complete with:

  •  Transmission HAZE Meter TrHz-22
  •  Calibration Standard
  •  Compensation Port Cover
  •  Certificate
  •  USB Cable
  •  Software
  •  User Manual
  •  Waranty Instrument: 2 Year
  •  Warranty Lamp: 10 Years

MIZA Transmission Haze Standards

  •  ASTM   D1003, D1044
  •  ISO     13468, 14782

Transmission Haze Materials Measured

This instrument was designed as a direct response to the Packaging Industry’s requirements, thus our New Haze meter TrHz-22 was developed to measure films and thin sheet products quickly and easily. Just lay the sample on the measurement Port Table and press the button.

  • Plastic film
  • Acetate
  • Polyester film
  • Mylar
  • Vinyl film
  • Glass (Thin)
  • Colored film
  • Dark film

What is Transmission Haze?

Transmission Haze is a measurement of the light scattering characteristics of a material. Haze can be due to suspended particles or contaminants within a sample or fine surface texture & contamination.

Haze measurement can be used to quantify optical characteristics of plastics and packaging films.

Meat with hazy packaging

 In packaging applications hazy films may reduce a consumer’s quality perception as packed products with haze affected films can look cloudy and indistinct.

 For plastics with haze, the visibility of the test material becomes more apparent and the contrast of viewed objects is reduced.


  •   Instrument: Two Year
  •                     Each Additional Year Extended Warranty (optional for +10%/Year, maximum 5 years
  •   Lamp:         Ten Years

Accessories  HAZE Standards (HzTr-98) (Optional)

  • HAZE Standards (TrHz-98) (Optional)
  • Transmission Standards (TrHz-99) (Optional)
  • Compensation Port Cover (TrHz-82) (included with instrument)
  • Calibration Cover  (HB-50240)

TrHz-22 Transmission Haze Specifications


  MIZA Transmission HAZE Meter TrHz-22


  CIE-A (ASTM D1003), CIE-C, CIE-D65 (ISO 13468, ISO 14782)

  Spectral Response

  CIE Luminosity function y (λ)




  0° / diffuse

  Measurement Area

  16.5mm (5/8”)

  Sample Port

  21mm (13/16”)

  Sample Thickness

  ≤ 145mm (5 11/16”)

  Measurement Range

  0 - 100%

  HAZE Repeatability

  ±0.1 units

  Transmission Repeatability

  ±0.1 units

  HAZE Resolution

  0.01 units


  20,000 readings



  Power Adapter

  120V-24V 2.5A / 60Hz - UL Approved

  Operating Temperature

  10-40℃ (50-104°F)

  Storage Temperature

  0-50℃ (32-122°F)


  310 x 215 x 540 mm (12 3/16 x 8 7/16 x 21 1/4)


  ASTM D1003, D1044, ISO 13468, ISO 14782, JIS K 7361, JIS K 7136


  Instrument: Two Years, Lamp: Ten Years


  HAZE, Transmittance