ASTM SINGLE Individual HAZE Transmittance Standards 5HU - 10HU - 20HU - 30HU TrHz-98x - Transmission for TrHz-22, TrHz-33, TrHz-55, TrHz-77

Single individual HAZE Transmittance Standards in 5HU or 10HU or 20HU or 30HU for all of our MIZA Transmittance - Transmission Haze Meters.
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Manufacturer: MIZA

SINGLE INDIVIDUAL HAZE  5HU - 10HU - 20HU - 30HU ASTM TRANSMITTANCE STANDARDS Individual ASTM HAZE Transmittance Standard for our full lineup of MIZA Transmission -Transmittance Haze Meters are available. HAZE Transmittance Standards for MIZA Instruments "ASTM"        DescriptionSKUTrHz-22TrHz-33TrHz-55TrHz-775HU ASTM HAZE Transmittance TrHz-982HB-40102√√√√10HU ASTM HAZE Transmittance TrHz-983HB-40103√√√√20HU ASTM HAZE Transmittance TrHz-984HB-40104√√√√30HU ASTM HAZE Transmittance TrHz-985HB-40105√√√√ To purchase an ASTM HAZE Transmittance Standard for any of the Transmission Haze Meters listed, choose from the radio buttons above.   The standards are guaranteed to be accurate and perfectly work in conjunction with the Transmission Haze Instruments from Imbotec Group.NOTE: We also have 5 Standards in a set TrHz-98 for Haze in Transmission mode. HAZE Transmission Checking Standards