Delmhorst Moisture Meters

Delmhorst Moisture Meters

                                                 Moisture meters - essential tools to protect the quality of your work!

62 years of experience enables Delmhorst Instrument Co. to offer top quality moisture meters at competitive prices that customers can trust and use with confidence.
You will discover that Delmhorst strives to provide meters that are reliable, easy to use and backed by superior customer care.
Delmhorst also serves more industries than all competitors combined.

For your convenience, Imbotec Group carries a number of Delmhorst Moisture Meters to meet many different applications.

Our Delmhorst Moisture Meters can be viewed by either Model No., Application Requirement or by Job Classification. We hope to make your search for the perfect moisture meter easy. Once you find your meter, you can purchase online or call us to speak to an expert  (No Hold Time @ Imbotec).  

Industries Delmhorst Serves:

Hardwood Flooring
Building Contractors
Home Inspectors
Water Restoration
Agriculture - Hay, Grain, Soil and Cotton

Delmhorst has a meter for you

By Job Classification:

  • Hobbyist
  • Pro Hobby
  • Carpenter
  • Wood Contractor
  • Home Inspector
  • Home Inspector Plus
  • Flood Restoration
  • Flood Restoration Plus
  • Flood Restoration Plus +
  • Hard Wood Installer
  • Hard Wood Installer Plus

By Application:    Call us to discuss your application 1.866.462.6832

  • Lumber - Sawmill
  • Veneer
  • Hardwood
  • Wood
  • Wood & Concrete
  • Sheetrock - Gypsum
  • Paper
  • Leather
  • Hay
  • Grain
  • Soil
  • Cotton

What's NEW

Recently introduced Moisture Meters by Delmhorst.

Navigator and the Navigator Pro - Great for IAQ professionals.
Pin and Pinless Scan Moisture Measurement capability.
The Navigator series groups moisture and hygrometer job data by room and location (floor, wall and ceiling).
It also has an optional computer link to download the data.

The RDM-3P - Great for the Paper Industry.
The RDM-3P features easy moisture measurement (5.3-23%) of paperboard, corrugated stock and paper tubes.
It also incorporates a baled paper (8-40%) and a reference scale.
The RDM-3P stores data by job and can downlaod to a PC.
The TechCheck - The simplest Moisture Meter.
Pin and Pinless Scan Moisture Measurement capability.
Backlit, Audible Alarm, Hold Features, Auto Shutoff, 9V, 1Year Warranty, hard case, etc.


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