HORIBA IG-331 Gloss Meter Gloss Checker

HORIBA IG-331 20-60 Degree Gloss Meter          $720


High Effeciency Measurements with a Great Value Gloss Meter IG-331

Quality Manufactured - Made in Japan.
A compact easy to operate with high precision gloss measurements with 20 and 60 degree universal geometry. 

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  • Provides accurate measurement results unaffected by color or ambient light
  • The flexible, remote connection of the probe to the display unit ensures greater work efficiency and safety in all applications
  • Selectable Measuring Angle 20 or 60 degrees
  • Just press the CAL button to perform an aAutomatic Calibration
  • Unaffected by Ambient Light or Product Color
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Horiba IG-331 Gloss Meter
Optical System
60° measurement: Incident angle 60°, Reception angle 60°
20° measurement: Incident angle 20°, Reception angle 20°
Measuring Area
60° measurement: 3 x 6 mm oval
20° measurement: 3 x 4 mm oval
Light Source
LED (Wavelength: 890 nm)
SPD (Silicone photodiode)
Measuring Range
Display Range
0-199 (Resolution: 1)
±5% F.S., ±1 digit
Power Source
AAA battery x 4
Continued Use Time
50 hours or more
Ambient Conditions



















Horiba Gloss Meter IG-331 Angles



Horiba Gloss Meter Paint

 Quality control of paint and ink
For quality testing, outdoor exposure testing, hue adjustment or luster testing.



 Horiba Gloss Meter Wax

Check and diagnosis of coated surfaces
Check external coating, cleaning or waxing condition of vehicles, shops, aircraft, bridges, iron/steel frames, and structures or prefabricated structures, etc., and diagnosis of deterioration.


Horiba Gloss meter varnish laminationChecking printed matter
Evaluation of embellishing properties in varnishing stage (lamination, endless processing, etc.); evaluation of time-induced change and uniformity of surface after drying process; checking paper surface condition.


Horiba Gloss Meter Plastics

Checking external appearance of plastic molding
For checking external appearance of molded resin products and evaluating weather resistance.




Horiba Gloss Meter Masonry FloorsChecking building and masonry finishes
Inspection of external appearance, completed product test and site finish test in production stage of enamel, sash, floor materials, stone materials, furniture, etc.




Horiba Gloss Meter Waxed Floors

Inspection of waxed floor finishes in hotels, office buildings and stores like Home depot or Lowes concrete floors.



Other uses
For checking quality and external appearance of film, tape, rubber, leather, etc.




Lost or damaged calibration plate? Here's the solution!

Replacement Calibration Plate       US$199




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