Control Unit

FMI Control unit

The FMI control unit is the heart of every FMI system.

FMI control unit

The FMI system is provided with menu-driven software. The graphic display presents all information clearly and conveniently. The FMI control unit is dustproof and is available with a Perspex door if so desired.

FMI measuring screen

In addition to the date and time, the measuring display provides the following information about the product to be measured.

Product name
Dimensions (width x thickness)
Specific weight
Minimum moisture content
Maximum moisture content
Real time measured value (analog)
Result of the measuring (digital)

FMI statistical screen

When switched to statistic representation, the display provides the following information:

Percentage of measured wood per moisture content range
Number of measured planks per moisture content range
Average moisture content of the batch
Standard deviation of the measured batch
Number of measured planks

The connections of the digital in- and outputs are incorporated in the FMI control unit.

Product programs (250 or 1,000) settings include

Wood species
Specific weight
Package information
Measuring method
Limiting values (too wet / too dry)

Technical specifications

Accuracy 1% (typical)
Back-up memory
Graphic display with background lighting (65 x 120 mm)
Digital inputs for start/ stop and automatic zeros
Digital outputs for minimum moisture content, maximum moisture content, alarm and system
PC/ printer connection (RS232 / RS485)
Analog output 0(4)-20mA or 0-10 volts
Supply voltage 90-132/ 175-265 VAC; 47-440 Hz
Dimensions 38 x 380 x 240 mm
Weight 13 kg

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