Inline Wood Lumber

Inline non-contact Brookhuis WOOD Measurement and Sorting System

          Moisture Meter Sensor for the U.S.A.

                        Imbotec Group and Brookhuis

Lumber Production Line & Wood Sorting

Capability to Moisture Sort;

   1,950 long. fpm

   12,000 planks per hour


This non contact lumber moisture measurement system consists of a control unit and one or more sensors. These sensors measure wood moisture content MC while the wood travels at high speed without making any contact.  Wood moisture is easily measured at high production speeds for higher output.

Manual or Automatic Sorting Capability;

Ensure that only wood with the recommended moisture is released for further production.

Set a number of limiting values to sort the wood on the basis of moisture content.

Sorting can be carried out manually by hand with a marking system.

This advanced system can also control a fully automated sorting system.

Automation and System Solutions

Our expertise and product range extend far beyond moisture measurement and sorting alone. A Comprehensive Solution can be supplied with ;

   electric components,

   pneumatic components and/or

   mechanical components.


          Systems can be delivered turnkey as well.


For Detailed Information on the following 4 Items, click the Title below.


1) - The Control Unit


2) - L SYSTEM Longitudinal Wood Transport System


3) - X SYSTEM Transversal Wood Transport System


4) - Accessories Marking System Horn/Buzzer Light Alarms




FMPA and ONORM EN 386 Approved

Spruce, Pine and Fir

For dimensions up to 200mm thickness and 280 width (BSH, Duolam, Triolam and KVH)

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