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Gloss Meter Models

Price Comparison     Model Comparisons     Gloss Intro     Meter Selection

Novo Gloss Trio 20-60-85

Byk Gardner Tri 20-60-85 Gloss


Novo Gloss DUAL 20-60


Novo Gloss Lite 60

micro Gloss 60

Novo Gloss Lite 20

micro Gloss 20

Novo Gloss Lite 85

micro Gloss 85

Novo Gloss 45

micro Gloss 45

Novo Gloss 75

micro Gloss 75

Novo Haze 20°/60° w/gloss

micro Haze Gloss 

Byk Gardner micro Tri Gloss u


Online Color Measurement


Lab & Production  Color Measurement

“CIELab, Lch, CMC, etc – Laboratories”


Models Available

Benchtop Spectrophotometers

Macbeth i5 & i7 from X-Rite

Handheld Spectrophotometer

demo model CM-2500c

Handheld Colorimeter

demo model CR-400

NEW at a super low cost

Low Cost “PS” Color Measurement

for Entry Level to Color in Small Companies in QA/QC”

Meter Type

Models Available


Color Difference Readers

PS6   with QC/QA software 


Color Difference Readers

PS7  with paint match software 


Color Difference Readers

PS4, PS5U “ no software ”



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