Groupe Imbotec Group is a ‘90s corporation bringing expertise in the Color Source Light and Moisture Measurement fields. Our sales extend globally while our main sales are to North America primarily. We pride ourselves in offering the Quality Exceeding your expectations with the very lowest priced solutions.

Solutions are designed and offered for a wide array of industries including lights, LEDs, bulk products, food, plastics, nuclear, textile, paper, automotive, etc. Products to satisfy these solutions range from:

“Process Control” online Moisture & Color sensors

Laboratory QA, QC” Measurement of Color, and Moisture

Color Validation for internal color audits for Spectrophotometers.

Radiometric Solutions LED, light sources, LCD displays, UV, Color temperature, illuminance and luminance measurements.

It’s founder, Mr. Imbault, has over twenty years experience in color science, paper, plastics, automotive, food and textile industries with companies supplying both lab & online sensors and scanners, and field instruments. An engineering graduate, he has held positions in Product Management, Sales and National Marketing.

We speak fluent English, Spanish & French serving our global customers.

Groupe Imbotec Group shares with you our 23 years of knowledge, experience and solutions gathered from working on 4 continents.

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