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Canada – Brampton Toronto, Ontario, Montreal Quebec
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Enhanced Selection of Home Inspection Tools, Call for information
DOI Orange Peel, RIQ, RSPEC, Haze and Gloss all in one Meter
FLIR Infrared Cameras for Thermal Imaging at our Toronto Location for Ontario - Thermography
Introduction of Home Inspection Tools for the Home Inspector
Horiba Gloss Meters for lower cost purchases, used at Home Depot, Lowes, Winners and other Big Box Stores
Delmhorst Moisture Meters for IAQ, Building Restoration, Concrete, Flooring and Paper Moisture
e.g. -    IAQ, Restoration; NavigatorPro 3-in-1, w/ mapping of 5 jobs of 32 rooms each, RH, 5-60%, sheetrock
Building Inspection; Tech Check 3-in1, Scan, Pin, RH, 5-60%, sheetrock, date & time stamp
Restoration; BD-2100 Pin meter, 3 Digital Scales, 6-40% wood MC, sheet rock, ref. scale  
Home Insp’n; MoistureCheck 2-in-1 pin w/scan capability meter, wood 5%-60%, 0.1-6% sheetrock, date & time stamp
Lignomat line of Moisture Meters
e.g. -    Ligno-VersaTec Moisture Meter, a Pin & Pinless Wood Moisture Meter w/opt. Concrete RH Probe & Hammer Probe
Mini-Ligno DX/C Wood Moisture Meter, Digital 5% - 65%, sheetrock scale, 2 sets of pins w/opt. Hammer Probe
GTI Lightbooth Update – Table and Portable Light Boxes & Light Booths 
 Thickness Coating Gauges for Fe, NFe for wet and dry paint.
Service:       Calibration – Certification – Repair Services:
-Gloss Meters (all regions), Rhopoint Novo Gloss North American Factory Authorized
-GTI Light Booths & Gretag Macbeth Spectralight (Canada customers only), re-paint w/ special Munsell paint
-Small one on one to about 5 employees
-Large >30 people training in the proper use of Instrumentation, e.g. Color & Gloss Meters
-Subjects include; Color & Gloss Theory to optimum entering of standards into instruments, or software…
  1. Gloss Sensor– GL-SR75 Inline Real Time Non Contact 75 degree (replaces DynaGard)
  2. Gloss Meters  -   Rhopoint Novo Gloss
  4. GTI Light Booths – GTI industrial, graphical tables & portable lightbooth models
  5. Moisture Meter – Lignomat Delmhorst Merlin Tramex “NWFA Member” - National Wood Flooring Assoc.
  6. Tramex CMEX Concrete Slab Moisture Meter
  7. Tramex Skipper Plus Boat Moisture Meter
  8. Moisture Meters General "New Website"
  9. Inline Real Time Process Measurement
For Sales or Service, with Knowledgeable Personnel, please call Toll Free 1.866.462.68321.866.462.6832.
Gloss Meter Models

NEW Novo Gloss Single 60
NEW Rhopoint IQ:  Combination Gloss, Haze and DOI Meters
 Rhopoint IQ 20-60

RHOPOINT NOVO CURVE Gloss Meter for SMALL Areas $3,804
RHOPOINT NOVO CURVE Gloss Meter for Curved Surfaces $3,804
RHOPOINT NOVO CURVE Gloss Meter with Jig  $4,197 for Cylinders, Rolls
Non Contact Process Sensors Inline for < $20k
GL-SR75 Gloss Sensor Real Timefor flat web or sheet process – paper, vinyl, glass, PET, etc. 
NIR Moisture Sensor
                   Real Time Non Contact NIR Moisture Measurement Sensor
Moisture Meters
IAQ Flood Restoration – Building Inspection – Home Inspection
Flooring Installer – Hardwood Inspector
Wood – Lumber – Paper - Boat
Tramex – Delmhorst – Lignomat – Merlin - Aqua Moisture
3in1 – 2in1 - Pin & Pinless – Pin – Pinless – Concrete – Sheetrock - Fiberglass
       Pin type “digital” moisture meters
                   Tramex Professional Moisture Meter $275.99
                   Wood Moisture Meter $219.00
                   Wood & Plaster Moisture Meter (LED lights) $187.
                   MiniMoist Moisture Meter for firewood and alike $119.00
       Pinless non invasive non destructive moisture meters
                   Sawmill model : depth measure of 1.6”-40mm $479.00
                   Flooring model : Best Seller ECO-10 10-20mm $270.00
                   Tramex Skipper Plus for Boat moisture meter $399.00
CONCRETE Slab only moisture meters CMEX and CME4
       In-situ type ASTM      
          Non in-situ typeusing spring loaded probes on back of moisture meter  
COMBO  (concrete, wood, in-situ, ceramic, drywall, roofing, etc.) – Home Inspectors
Home Inspectors - Also ask about our Gas Meters (CO-Flue) and IR Temperature)
                    Gas Detector - CO and/or Flue by TPI
MOISTURE KITS (Contractors, Home Inspectors, IAQ Mold, Wood Working)     
       World’s Largest Selection– We build to Suit - Too many to list – Call 1.866.462.68321.866.462.6832
Skipper Plus - Boat Hull Moisture Meters Marine Surveyors- Coast Guard
                   Boat Hull Moisture Meter Tramex Skipper Plus $399.00
Other Products related to Contractors in Hardwood Installation
                                      Infra Red Temperature Gun - Sentry 630 Sentry 632
          Metal – Cleat - Nail Finder locate fasteners in hardwood fast $30. when purchased with other item
Lightbooths – GTI Professional Lightbooths
Lowest Cost Accurate Colorimeters Click here for model descriptions
                   PS Series colorimeters – a choice of 4 models with and w/o software
Moisture Measurement – Moisture Meters and Moisture Sensors

Wood moisture is a large part of our business from Sawmill inline sensors to the Hardwood Flooring Industry (NWFA). We have what every hardwood contractor & installer needs for proper data logging before wood laying commences and for Inspectors during troubleshooting after an installation. The pin or pinless wood moisture meters, RH probes for concrete slab humidity measurements, concrete surface moisture meters, IR temperature guns, ambient air hygrometers, laser distance, Nail Find and more for due diligence and very costly callbacks… We have individual products for wood, concrete or boat moisture meters or the World’s largest selection of moisture meter kits for Contractors, Installers, Home Inspectors, and IAQ Mold Remediators, etc. We carry an excellent Boat moisture meter from Tramex. The Skipper Plus boat moisture meter is used by Marine Surveyors.



Byk Gardner Glossmeter Calibration & Rhopoint Glossmeters Calibration (2007-8 Factory Authorized North America)
GTI - Calibration Service Factory Authorized (in Ontario only)
Aqua Measure Moisture Register Instruments e.g. AM-III 
Dynagard Gloss Sensor Meter – We are the factory (for worldwide repairs & upgrades)
Physical Testing:
We also carry other instruments for Physical Standard testing:

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Favorite Instruments Available: Gloss Meters; Rhopoint Novo Gloss, Horiba Gloss Checkers, Lightbooths; GTI, Coating Thickness Gauges;  Moisture Meters; Delmhorst, Lignomat, Tramex, Merlin, Aqua Measure, Color Measurement; Pocketspec


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